1 Million Private, when gasoline is worth gold

1 Million Private, when gasoline is worth gold
1 Million Private, when gasoline is worth gold

It was in 1965 that Francesco Rabaneda y Cuervo was revealed to the general public by his collection of accessories in rhodoïd, a flexible and light plastic material, becoming at the same time Paco Rabanne. Avant-garde, Paco Rabanne likes to innovate with heterogeneous materials such as feathers, sponges, newsprint and aluminum. His first fragrance “Calandre” was released in 1969. In 2016, Paco Rabanne unveiled “1 Million Privé”, a variation of the famous “1 Million” released in 2008.

1 Million Privé, gold always and again

In 2008, the Paco Rabanne house presented “1 Million”. Success was then immediate for this seductive fragrance representing gold even in its bottle. Because “1 Million” plunged us directly into a world of opulence and luxury, Paco Rabanne affirmed ““ Whatever the religions and civilizations, gold has never ceased to seduce man ”.

Faced with this love for gold, Paco Rabanne decided to offer a gold bar as a bottle. The man “Paco Rabanne” is even more seductive with “1 Million Privé”, released in 2016. If this fragrance is more virile than that of its predecessor, it also highlights the ability of the creator to master materials, odors, structures. “1 Million Privé” is an object of covetousness, of luxury which makes the man who wears it particularly irresistible.

The seductive notes of 1 Million Privé

It is the perfumer Christophe Raynaud who is at the origin of this composition all dressed in gold. “1 Million Privé” is defined as an oriental and woody essence. It begins with a fruity touch, namely that of blood mandarin. This will quickly be overtaken by more spicy notes such as cinnamon, thus releasing warm and sweet tones.

The heart is, we no longer rain virile, because it combines the scent of hookah with myrrh resin, an ingredient from a tree of African origin, which gives scents both sweet, warm and anise. Finally, the base will leave a suave and sensual trail thanks to the presence of patchouli, vanilla and tonka bean. As Paco Rabanne says, “  1 Million Privé is the olfactory transcription of an intense and precious bar of gold ”.

As for the bottle, it resumes its form of a gold ingot. He displays extreme strength, as if he were saying “What could be stronger than a gold bar?” “. Entirely covered with a metal frame, the bottle of “1 Million Privé” wonderfully represents Paco Rabanne’s love for this material. His name is proudly engraved on the front of the bottle, always in a “Wild West” spirit. Here, however, the ingot adopts a darker and more amber shade, revealing on the side, the beautiful color of its nectar.

After “1 Million” and “Lady Million”, Paco Rabanne presents “1 Million Privé”, an ultra luxurious fragrance. If the star is still the gold ingot, the composition is daring and ultra virile… An ingot essential to any male wardrobe.

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