Escada Summer Festival, a festive evocation for summer 2021

Escada Summer Festival, a festive evocation for summer 2021
Escada Summer Festival, a festive evocation for summer 2021

The Escada house is a famous haute couture brand that finally entered the world of perfumery in 1990. Since then, Escada has always created very playful and colorful perfumes, some of which are permanent fragrances while others only appear for a season. While Escada has just presented its new olfactory release called Candy Love, the brand is on all fronts at the same time and is already unveiling its ephemeral fragrance for the summer of 2021. It is called Escada Summer Festival and intends to make you want to party!

The limited editions of the house Escada

Escada made its first perfume 20 years after its creation, in 1990. It had a very feminine and sensual heart-shaped bottle, and did not go unnoticed. However, it was in 1993 that Escada literally made a place for itself in the olfactory world, with the release of a perfume specially designed for summer, called Chiffon Sorbet. Since then, it has been a tradition: Escada has been developing a new summer fragrance, which it presents in the spring, and which only lasts for a single summer. These essences are always eagerly awaited. They have the gift of transporting us to an exotic and festive elsewhere. So what does 2021 hold in store for us?

Evocation of a festival according to Escada

While the whole world has been deprived of any festive event for almost a year, the Escada house decides to remind us of these good memories, by calling its new fragrance Escada Summer Festival. Imbued with a certain nostalgia, this juice also appears to some as a good omen for the next summer. Will we have the right to meet, dance and sing during a festival? No one knows yet… Escada seems to want to believe it and it is precisely this festive spirit that its Escada Summer Festival fragrance evokes.

Escada Summer Festival, a fresh and floral fragrance presented in a very feminine bottle

Escada Summer Festivalpreserves the shape of its predecessors and the silhouette of its bottle remains completely unchanged. Thin at its base, it becomes wider and rounded at its top, while being topped by a chrome-plated metal spray cap. This reflects the light and faces a seductive pink gradient, clear then more fuchsia and sustained. A mouth is also invited on its front face, in an infinitely feminine and seductive register. On the scent side, Escada Summer Festival owes its existence to two perfumers: Amandine Clerc Marie and Gabriela Chelariu. Here, the latter have chosen gluttony, femininity and freshness. It all starts with a sweet, springtime alliance of cherry blossoms and ice cream. The heart of Escada Summer Festival, meanwhile, contains opulent sambac jasmine, paired with more tangy and zesty green mandarin.

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