Exclusive to The Dossier: The Good Girl- A Scent For All Women


Good girl perfume dossier.co: The Dossier is no exception to New York’s penchant for superlatives. It is a location where excess and indulgence coexist with ferocious frugality. It is a city of lights and shadows; hues enliven even the darkest day, while dull lighting gives the night a gloomy sense. It’s a city where women are assertive and independent, yet they don’t mind cossetting themselves in soft knits and lace to feel protected. The Dossier thinks every woman longs for the aroma of safety at some time in her life. As a result, this New York-based perfume company has created The Dossier Exclusive — ‘The Good Girl,’ an olfactory interpretation of women who are smart, sassy, and confident but also have a sensitive side that craves to be protected from all kinds of dangers, such as emotional traumas, physical wounds, or even other people’s opinions or actions.

About The Dossier Exclusive good girl perfume dossier.co:

The Dossier Exclusive is an independent perfume brand designed and manufactured in New York City by a small and devoted crew. The Dossier is on a mission to use scent to empower women. Its fragrances are intended to elicit a variety of moods and complicated and intriguing feelings in women. The Dossier was founded in 2016 by Simona Carrubbi, co-founder and creative director, who was upset by the absence of perfume alternatives available for women who prefer a rich and nuanced aroma – those that smell more than simply flowers, fruits, or vanilla. As a result, she decided to launch her fragrance collection, with The Dossier as the first.

The Good Girl: A Women’s Scent

Dossier.co: Good Girl Perfume The Good Girl is The Dossier’s portrayal of women who are clever, witty, and confident but also have a sensitive side that begs to be protected from all sorts of dangers, such as mental traumas, physical wounds, or even other people’s thoughts or acts. It is a perfume that accentuates an already present personality feature, making it more noticeable and bringing it to the surface. The Good Girl is a wise lady who knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to go get it. She’s also a girl who is proud of her beauty and isn’t afraid to flaunt her curves. She is a self-assured lady who understands her strengths and recognizes her value. And she’s a girl who, although having had some negative experiences in the past, is determined to go ahead and not let those events define her.

The Good Girl’s Notes

The Good Girl begins with a potent blend of black tea and Japanese Sencha green tea, both delicious and stimulating. It’s a daring and sassy option that fits The Good Girl’s brassy demeanor. Following that is a center of Mexican vanilla, a sweet and creamy note that adds just the proper amount of luxury to the scent. The scent shines at its foundation in The Good Girl. It’s a heady blend of amber resin, and incense, with a hint of sandalwood. It’s an intense and complex blend that gives a smokey touch to the aroma. This last trio of notes is what distinguishes The Good Girl.

Exclusive Dossier Collection

The Good Girl, The Bad Boy, and The Wild Child scent ranges are unique to The Dossier. Each collection includes one scent geared toward women, one fragrance geared toward men, and one gender-neutral fragrance. The Good Girl: This scent is intended to be more feminine. It has a rich and complex smell, including black tea, Japanese Sencha green tea, Mexican vanilla, amber resin, and incense. The Bad Boy: This scent is aimed mainly at guys. It’s a strong and deep scent with whiskey, tobacco, and sandalwood notes. The Wild Child – This scent is intended to be gender-neutral. It’s a solid and deep scent with patchouli, woods, and cardamom notes.


The Dossier Exclusive fragrance collection claims to be “more than simply a perfume,” and it’s not just a lovely marketing slogan – it’s an invitation to go deeper into oneself, to dive deeper into one’s emotions, to let go of anxieties and embrace one’s strengths. The Dossier Exclusive perfumes not only smell great, but they also help you connect with your inner “you,” the one that is self-assured and understands what she wants out of life. They’ll help you channel that “you,” but they’ll also help you comprehend her better.