My Way by Giorgio Armani, the scent of adventure

My Way by Giorgio Armani, the scent of adventure
My Way by Giorgio Armani, the scent of adventure

My Way, a new burst of freedom instilled by Giorgio Armani

In August 2020, the Italian house Giorgio Armani is launching a new women’s fragrance called My Way. Symbol of freedom, it has only one motto: “I am what I live”, that is to say “I am what I live”. With him, the woman is more free and adventurous than ever. In addition, Giorgio Armani places his perfume in an eco-responsible approach, both in the choice of its ingredients and in the design of its bottle. Floral, fruity and light, My Way opens a new page in Giorgio Armani’s book. So, how about immersing yourself in this new scent story?

My Way by Giorgio Armani, the scent of an adventurous woman

Giorgio Armani’s My Way is portrayed onscreen by Puerto Rican actress Adria Arjona. A new ambassador for this contemporary floral fragrance, the actress addresses the new generation and carries with her a strong message: that of a “new femininity, free-spirited, elegant, in search of oneself”. To design this fragrance, Giorgio Armani perfumers traveled the world and selected noble and delicate ingredients. They offer us here a real olfactory journey. However, the Italian brand had precisely the ambition to design a rich juice with a unique personality. Here, My Way by Giorgio Armani seems to be nourished by encounters and lived experiences.

The fresh and floral scent of My Way

On the scent side, My Way by Giorgio Armani owes its existence to perfumers Carlos Benaïm and Bruno Jovanovic. It all starts with fresh, zesty top notes of Calabrian bergamot and Egyptian orange blossom. Then, the heart of My Way remains just as luminous and floral, assembling tuberose from India to sambac jasmine. For a more sensual and gourmet finish, bourbon vanilla is also included in its recipe. My Way by Giorgio Armani ends with a woody alliance of Virginia cedar and white musk.

The refillable bottle of Giorgio Armani

My Way by Giorgio Armanicomes in a bottle very committed to the environment. Rechargeable, it is designed to stand the test of time. To fill it, all you have to do is unscrew it and slide the refill in, upside down. Thus, the original bottle of My Way by Giorgio Armani refills without losing a single drop. On the aesthetic side, My Way by Giorgio Armani relies on luxury and elegance. It comes in a transparent glass cylinder, containing a pale pink scent. The whole is also topped by a polished stone that looks like an imposing sapphire. Some golden and shimmering details also illuminate the whole. The result is a scent that is as visually as it is olfactory, while embodying responsible values ​​in favor of underprivileged populations and the environment.

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